It is our role as Independent Financial Advisors to help you choose the right investments in order to help you meet your objectives.

What you need to give some thought to is what those objectives are. This is an area in which compromise and self understanding are essential.

Most people want investments which are safe, in the sense that they cannot fail, and which offer high returns. This ideal combination is not available. Beware anyone who claims otherwise.

Sensible investment planning revolves around understanding what your investment aims are.

Broadly speaking the longer that your investment is to be left alone, (e.g. for retirement), the higher level of short term risk that is acceptable. If however the money is needed in full in the near future (e.g. for a house deposit) then short-term safety is essential.

In short, we will help you determine an investment strategy appropriate for your needs, and using the investments best suited to your investment attitude and tax position.

There is an extensive choice of investment vehicles available to investors, and it is particularly important to ensure your monies are held in the most tax efficient manner possible.


Only once we have established your aims, objectives and attitude to risk will we recommend an individual strategy tailored to your needs. This could be for example an income requirement from a portfolio, growth only aspirations or the Capital preservation of an estate from Inheritance Tax.

As Independent Financial Advisers, we can advise on an extensive range of investments including

-           Onshore and Offshore Investment Platforms

-           Tax efficient collective funds

-           Individual Savings Accounts

We believe the key to any strategy is to regularly review your portfolio against the agreed objectives to ensure everything is on track. To this end we will agree set dates each year to sit down with you to review progress and initiate any tactical amendments.

In conjunction with investment options we also dovetail this with tax efficient solutions, for many of our clients Trusts provide a flexible solution.

Trusts offer a way of looking after assets (money, investments or property) for people who may not be ready or able to manage them themselves. They can also help ensure that your assets are passed on in the way you wish during your lifetime and/or after you die.

Trusts - the basics

A trust is a legal arrangement where one or more people (the trustees) are made legally responsible for assets. The assets are placed in trust for the benefit of one or more individuals called 'beneficiaries'.

The trustees are responsible for managing the trust and carrying out the wishes of the person who has put the assets into the trust (the settlor). The settlor’s wishes for the trust are usually written in their will or given in a legal document called the 'trust deed'.

With some types of trust the trustees also make decisions about how the assets in the trust should be used.

Trusts may be set up for a number of reasons, for example:

Why Use a Trust

Trusts provide a highly flexible and often advantageous way of arranging financial affairs.

A trust can be used for a variety of purposes. Some of the most common are:

To Preserve Family Wealth
Trusts can be used to pass on wealth intact through generations, with the added benefit that nominated beneficiaries may enjoy benefits of the trust during their lifetime.

To Protect Assets
When a settlor of a trust passes assets to a trustee, the legal title of those assets is vested in the trustee. When structured correctly, assets can be protected against future claims against the settlor or the beneficiaries.

For Estate Planning
As the assets settled into a trust are no longer legally owned by the settlor, they should not form part of the settlor's estate; thereby avoiding costs, delay, legalities, publicity and unwanted probate procedures.

A trust can continue after the death of the settlor - acting as a "living will" because the trustee will administer the trust assets according to the trust deed and the settlor's stated wishes.

A trust can also provide for dependants. Distributions can be made at predetermined ages, or for specific purposes such as funding education.

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